Bora Bora beach club on the long sandy beach of Playa den Bossa in Ibiza has been in the headlines recently with news that it is to close its famous doors after 25 years. It was the world’s first dedicated beach club for electronic music and an iconic part of the island’s party scene. But for those of us who partied there in the late 90s, we all know that the true spirit of Bora Bora faded away in 2005 when its musical ringmaster and co-founder Gee Moore abdicated his throne after watching the prodigy he nurtured surrounded by predators.

The nine years Gee reigned as its resident DJ was a torrid and tempestuous love affair born of Ibiza and fueled by 12-hour parties of music, drugs, sex, and wild abandon. There were magical highs and, by the end, some depressing lows, but the energy that Bora Bora attracted was seductive and pagan, just like the island’s mother goddess Tanit……. CONTINUE READING FULL INTERVIEW

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