A Piece of Iconic Club History You Don’t Want To Miss!


Step into the time machine and travel back to the wild days and nights when the electrifying beats of Bora Bora Music first graced the shores of Ibiza. Amidst the pulsating energy of the dance floor, there stood an iconic symbol that became synonymous with those unforgettable moments—a striking “DROGAS NO” sign.

This vibrant sign, strategically placed in three key spots—near the DJ stand, at the bustling bar, and even in the restroom of the old Bora Bora Music Ibiza beach club

Oh, the lengths some would go to possess a piece of this remarkable history! As avid fans sought to take home some treasured memorabilia, attempts were made to liberate the signs from their rightful places. (Gee Moore) “I remember some were so desperate to get the one in the toilet off the wall that they took some of the tiles and brickwork off with it, leaving a tiny hole into the apartment next door that we used at the time as a storage room”.

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