June 1997 was the first year for Gee Moore as a professional electronic music DJ. During that time In that same year, he also created the world famous Bora Bora Music and club concept / brand that includes the long running CD and DVD Compilation series.

As a thank you to all the fantastic support over the years and because Bora Bora Music loves you! We have now made available every Bora Bora Music compilation in the CD series free for download, including some rare releases.

Montage of cds

Most of the compilations were CD only releases and a couple of those were very limited in numbers released. Therefore, this is a unique opportunity to not only re discover past favorites, but also some of those electronic music treasures that were missed through the years.

We hope they help bring back, at least some of the memories of all the fantastic times had from our venues and tours over the years.
Bora Bora Music loves you!

13. Gee Moore – Originals Vol 1 Deepfiction Vs Bora Bora Music 2019
12. Gee Moore – Bora Bora Music 2012
11. Gee Moore – Bora Bora Black White Beach 2009
10. Gee Moore – Bora Bora The Beach is Back 2008
9. Gee Moore – Bora Bora Life is a Beach 2007
8. Gee Moore – Bora Bora Sun of a Beach 2006
7. Gee Moore – Bora Bora Live VOL 2 (DVD-CD) 2005
6. Gee Moore – Bora Bora Live VOL 1 (DVD-CD) 2004
5. Gee Moore – Bora Bora Loves me loves you 2003
4. Gee Moore – Destinations Bora Bora Ibiza 2002
3. Gee Moore – Bora Bora Beach life 2001
2. Gee Moore – Bora Bora Day and Night 2000
1. Gee Moore – Bora Bora Ibiza 1999

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In addition, we also have available the very 1st mix set By Gee Moore during the first days of Bora Bora Music in 1997.
Read more about this part of the Bora Bora Music history and download HERE…

In addition, we would like to make a special thank you to Russell Deeks of IDJ magazine for the shout out http://www.internationaldjmag.com/a-lorra-lorra-bora-bora.html