To all you Bora Bora Music Bad Boys, and girls..

You know there’s a 1st for everything..1st kiss, 1st love…1st live DJ mix!
The 1st live recorded set from Bora Bora Music beach club Ibiza (part 2),  also the very 1st DJ Gee Moore live recorded set was recorded in June 1997…

Gee Moore: “Old school quality mix from Vinyl to cassette includes serving free drinks/ shots to those in front of me and giving it all my best moves … 🙂 X”

This set, which was found on cassette, is mainly in the style of Speed Garage. That and US Garage were particular favorites of Gee at the time.
Other mixes found that will be uploaded soon include House, early hard House, Tech-house, Acid, progressive house, Techno and Trance.
In the first years of Bora Bora Music Gee Moore could be seen and heard play 12 hour sets everyday throughout the summer months.

Available here for listening and downloading:

This is what Gee had to say about those early days when he was the first real Ibiza beach club DJ where he made the first real beach club concept on the island.

Gee Moore:
“I’ve always been really bad with knowing the tracks I am playing, I usually go by the color or image on the middle of the record, it’s why I had a lot of problems with CD set management…I was the same with remembering DJs names which got me in a few embarrassing situations.
1st year of Bora Bora Music beach club ibiza 1997
Gee, Raj and friends 1997

It was myself and my friend Raj that got the place going after Etienne had left after only a month or so…Raj was a good looking Argentinian boy who had arrived in Ibiza via India where he had adopted the Indian name from a master he had there.
One time Raj introduced me to a group people who were mostly German, some of whom were DJ’s. Sometimes they would come down and we would all play back to back, it was great for me as I was being introduced to new music from that area. One time I turned to one of them and said to him “watch the reaction of this white label when i play it, the place goes right off!”
I started to play it and he looked at me and laughed, he told me he knew the track very well as it was from him, Da Hool – meet her at the love parade  I later found out that “Beach Ball” was produced by another 2 DJ’s also there at the time, Naylin and Kane ..

back to back Bora Bora Music Ibiza 1997

Other memorable tunes at that time included Ayle Ayla Taucher mix, – Wobble-U Petal mixes, – Chocolate city (Love songs) Deep Dish, – something going on, Todd Terry – Rosie Gaines, closer – Free, Altra Nate …. A lot of tracks from Eukatech labels..
There were so many different kinds of tracks from chillout, Deep – speed garage, us garage, house, tech house, Balearic… through to (early hard house), Techno and Trance styles… Impossible to list them all because I would play for 12 hours just about every day for almost 5 months.

Gee Moore 1st DJ set
Bora Bora Music Ibiza dance-floor 1997

I would try and alternate the records and progress through all the styles throughout the day and night.
I had a core set of about 3 or 4 hours that I felt were the most popular that I’d play most days, but the rest I tried to rotate over a week so people who were there 2 or 3 days didn’t hear the same, I played a lot of B sides to help me and also sometimes leave record boxes at home so that I wasn’t tempted to play them.
It was interesting to see how many tracks I ended up with at the end of the summer that were must-plays.

Starting the day:

For a time i lived in a house at the end of the beach, It was a bit of a land mark as there was a castle watchtower next to it.

View from Gee Moore’s house at the end of Bora Bora Music beach
Gee Moore at home Ibiza 1997

When the staff first arrived in the morning to get the bar ready they played some pre recorded chill-out/lounge tapes that I had made. When i heard the volume getting louder, about 11 am, I would go down to the bar.
Every morning when I arrived to setup there was always a Que of record company A&R people waiting to give me their latest white labels, they would stay around to make sure I played them and to gauge the reactions. Talla XL gave me a lot of tracks and so did labels like React, Positiva. Media, Hooj Choons and some Spanish labels too…Vinyl was gold dust so I was very fortunate to have such a good supply line.”