Terry Vernixx

Terry Vernixx

Orgin: Oakland, CA USA
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Terry Vernixx entered the music world in the late 80’s as the original drummer for Dallas band The Toadies. He was soon seduced by House Music and started DJing as well as producing original electronic music by the early 90’s. Since then he has spun at hundreds of raves, warehouse parties, outdoor gatherings, festivals, and clubs all over the World. His original music has been played by BBC Radio One, Ibiza Global, Radio Planeta, Ministry of Sound, Frisky, PureFM Berlin, and Sirius/XM. His internet radio program, High Desert Rhythms, began in July of 2008 and is broadcast on lowercasesounds.com every Saturday night as well as on deradio.ca every Wednesday evening. In 2012, he began working as A&R/Publicist for Deep Site Recordings and Dubwise Records. He has released original music with Ready Mix, Delve Deeper, Sonic Soul, Bora Bora Music, Plastik People, 1980 Recordings, 3AM, Krafted, SnakeBeat, PataPata, Native Soul, Headset, Deep8, and DustCity. He currently resides in Birmingham where he co-hosts the fabled monthly club residency, STRUT.

2009 Terry Vernixx – Chama (Original Mix) DustCity Music
2010 Terry Vernixx – Ondine (Original Mix) DustCity Music
2010 Alan Barratt – Zulu Nation 2010 (Terry Vernixx Remix) NPFR
2010 Alan Barratt – Song Of The Spirits (Terry Vernixx Remix) NPFR
2010 Terry Vernixx – Mistral (Original Mix) DustCity Music
2011 Terry Vernixx – Ritualer (Original Mix) DustCity Music
2011 Diem/Romano Arcaini – Time (Terry Vermixx Remix) Native Soul
2011 Reverend Mitton – Luminaria (Terry Vernixx Remix) DustCity Music
2011 Terry Vernixx – Magisterium (Original Mix) DustCity Music
2011 Terry Vernixx – Yr Mountain (Original Mix) NPFR Depth
2012 Captain Smackdown – The Burn (Terry Vernixx Remix) DustCity Music
2012 Reverend Mitton – Mission Nine (Terry Vernixx Remix) Caboose
2012 Terry Vernixx – The Desert Rain EP (3 Original Tracks) Snake Beat
2012 Terry Vernixx – Cathedrals (Original Mix) Binge
2012 Ruben F – Groovin’ (Terry Vernixx Remix) 3AM
2012 Terry Vernixx – Continuum (Original Mix) Native Soul
2012 Terry Vernixx – Marbles (Original Mix) 3AM
2013 Terry Vernixx/Zuko – Ascension EP (Original & Remix) Snake Beat
2013 Dave Marian – Wide Shapes (Terry Vernixx Remix) Deep Site
2013 Ze Chezz – VIP Pass (Terry Vernixx Remix) Deep Site Space
2013 Terry Vernixx – Hypernova (Original Mix) DustCity Music
2013 Terry Vernixx – Bioluminescence EP (3 Originals) Ambiosphere
2013 Harold Heath – System South (Terry Vernixx Remix) Native Soul
2013 Gesus LPZ – Off (Terry Vernixx Remix) Deep 8
2013 Terry Vernixx/Tony S – Repeating Image EP Deep Site Space
2013 Terry Vernixx – Galatea (Original Mix) Deep Site Space
2013 Funtom – What Will It Be (Terry Vernixx Remix) Headset
2013 Trevor Vichas – That Feeling (Terry Vernixx Remix) Bounce House
2014 Terry Vernixx – Callisto (Original Mix) Krafted
2014 Vincenzo de Robertis – Everwhere (Terry Vernixx Remix) Deep Site
2015 Alex Amster – Vanity Rush (Terry Vernixx Remix) Deep Site
2015 Tony S – Flight Of Ideas (Terry Vernixx Remix) Headset
2015 Subtron – Schön Schmuddel (Terry Vernixx Remix) Ritmik
2015 Kodal – Flat Beat (Terry Vernixx Remix) PataPata
2015 Rishi K – Clandestity (Terry Vernixx Remix) Delve Deeper
2016 James Winter – Into The Atmosphere (TV Remix) Plastik People
2016 Terry Vernixx – Galatea 2.0 (Original Mix) Dubwise
2016 Terry Vernixx – Tight Skies (Original Mix) Krafted
2016 Gee Moore – Boom Boom (Terry Vernixx Remix) Dubwise
2016 Rishi K – The Gift (Terry Vernixx Remix) Ready Mix
2016 Fer Ferarri – The Color Of The Mirror (TV Remix) Sonic Soul
2017 Gee Moore – On It Now (Terry Vernixx Remix) Deepfiction