latest Promo mix series episode 6

Episode 6 in the promo mix series by Gee Moore
Featuring recent promos that have been received by Gee Moore and Bora Bora Music also including some recent tracks from the Bora Bora Music label group.



0:00 Staniz – Love
7:02 Odette, Bielous – For Your Pleasure
11:38 Rob Pearson – Head Talk (Dark Dub Mix)
16:40 Rob Pearson and Paul Donton – Wobble then Attack (Ollie Drummond Remix)
24:10 Dubrovnik – Block
30:10 Al Bradley – Night Owl (Michael Scott Remix)
36:00 Jay de Lys – Rocksteady
40:22 Richard Wasc – Mannequin (American DJ Remix)
45:19 Gee Moore – Papertoy Life
53:58 Dave Brennan – The Mirage (Paul Donton and Rob Pearson Remix)
59:12 Nilton Joao – Electrique (American DJ Remix)
1:03:39 Joint Custody feat Sad The Hourchild Ali – Silicone (Paul Donton and Rob Pearson Mix)
1:11:52 Renato Ratier – Ground
1:17:30 Black Arts Circus – Tetracyclic
1:25:12 Dubrovnik – Rene
1:29:51 Staniz – My Way
1:34:17 Dubet – It Aint No Lie
1:40:01 Staniz – In Silence
1:46:36 PaulDeep – Deepbass
1:52:35 Dubet – Instant Action
1:59:06 Robert Grazioli – Lost Fog
2:02:30 Staniz – Nine
2:07:50 Gee Moore – On It Tonight (Al Bradley’s 3am Deep mix
2:13:29 Dubet – Under Pressure
2:19:45 Slavaki – Twin 2

Gee Moore & BVision – Tour

nye-131-copyBVisionBora Bora logo clean gee-moore-bvision-bbm-logo   Gee Moore Produtor de música, DJ internacional, criador e proprietário das 4 gravadoras do grupo musical Bora Bora e da marca do clube. Gee é também produtor de música para Superfreq, Dubwise, Bosom, Endemic Digital. Sua musicas foram remixado este ano por Anderson Noise, Click Box, MR.C, Jay Tripwire, Joy Kitikonti, Mobius Strum, Twenty Three e apoiado por Marco Corola, Stefano Noferini, Anderson Noise, Stephane K, Terry Francis, Danny Tenaglia, Al Bradley e muitos mais ...   BVision DJ, Live act, Produtor musical Este ano lançou música em Bora Bora Music, Superfreq, Bosom, Endemic e tem Beatport # 1 com uma faixa que ele produziu com Damitri Nakov chamado "Paradiso" na música de Hernan Cattaneo Sudbeat Music. Suporte de Dubfire, Hernan Cattaneo, Tone Depth, Nick Warren, Richie Hawtin, Graziano Raffa, D-Nox, Dmitry Molosh, AFFKT, Noir, Eelke Kleijin Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

Techno Chef – (YouTube series)

New Bora Bora music group YouTube channel show called "Techno Chef" presented by Gee Moore with music from the Bora Bora Music labels and friends.

Gee Moore – Papertoy Life – BBM002 Out Now!

Gee Moore – Papertoy Life – BBM002

Gee Moore – Papertoy Life – Original mix
Gee Moore – Papertoy Life – Mobius Strum remix
OUT TODAY!!!! Papertoy Life – Gee Moore Orig and Mobius Strum remix – Bora Bora Music
With early support from: Terry Francis (Fabric), Luciano (Cadenza) and Terry Vernixx, Al Bradley, Bob Frisky, Jack Jonaz, Ian Green,
Now please don’t make me beg you all on this but but your support would be greatly appreciated and as a new label i really do need your help  to get it moving please. We are only speaking of about a quid to download (about a slice of cream less from one hot drink, your belly will be better for it too with summer coming up… So win win !)
Plus with the artwork there’s a free toy cutout (Exclusive from BBM •Not available at McDonalds 🙂
Exclusive early release on:
Youtube Preview:

OUT TODAY!!!! Papertoy Life – Gee Moore Orig and Mobius Strum remix – Bora Bora Music

With early support from: Terry Francis (Fabric), Luciano (Official Page) (Cadenza) and Terry Terry Vernixx Al Bradley, DJ Bob Frisky, Jack Jonaz, Ian Green….

Mastered by Joy Kitikonti

Distribution: Symphonic Distribution

Podcast Mixes 2015

We have a nice new set of Podcast mixes now up on line on Soundcloud and mixcloud where as of today the, Gee Moore “A is for Acid” mix, is at number 18 in the Acid and 21 in the Acid House Mixcloud charts. Shows include mixes from Gee Moore, Alan Prosser, BVision, Dave Gallier, Edit Smith, Joy kitikonti and many many more….
Please check out the mixes,show some love and share, It would be great to hear your thoughts also, so please leave comments on the mixes and subscribe if not already.
Enjoy 🙂 X
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Bora Bora Music Fact #1

The Red of the Bora Bora logo was given because of the Red moons that would appear sometimes reflecting across the sea in front of Bora Bora.
legend has it that after we left Ibiza for Brasil it was never so bright again…

So when you look up at this amazing sight remember Bora Bora is looking down on you And for full effect here’s a link to the music to go with the show ENJOY!
Bora Bora loves you! X
Bora Bora red moon real moon         Red moon at Bora Bora 1997
                                                      Bora Bora – Blood Moon 1997

Free! Bora Bora Music APP

Now you can listen to Bora Bora Radio, mixes and get the latest on events and news while on the go!
Yes Bora Bora now has a shiny new free (yes free) APP for your phone and tablet 🙂

App includes Bora Bora:

Radio player, Soundcloud, YouTube, events diary, web site links, DJ profiles, Photo gallery, shop, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler news blog.

Available at these Links

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Radio Station

Bora Bora Radio is now up on line with daily shows, mixes, interviews from our radio team and special guests. we also feature the very latest releases from our artists such as Gee Moore, BVision, Alan Prosser, Dave Gallier, Edit Smith, Lui, Dan Ferritto.. etc and group recording labels of Deepfiction, An Acid Test and Technodogs
For the next two months the station will be in in a BETA status so although there may be some down time in the main we will be broadcasting 24/7
The very best of Bora Bora past, present and future now all on one new internet radio station!!
Please hit the Radio button in the menu or go direct at this link:

Bora Bora Radio.

Bora Bora Radio Team

Dan Ferritto, Alan Prosser, Dave Gallier, Gee Moore
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